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How do solar water heaters work?

Water is heated by trapping the heat from the sun.  Typically, this heat is captured in the solar panel mounted on the roof and facing north (i.e. towards the sun), and the heat either directly warms the water in the collector or heats a fluid which then transfers the heat to the water in the tank.

There are a number of different types of solar water heaters.  Some are 'close-coupled':  i.e. the tank and the panels are coupled together on the roof.  Others are what is termed 'split systems': the panel is on the roof and the tank is either inside the roof space or is located on the ground below the collector.

Solar collectors can be flat or cylindrical.  The cylinder systems are called 'evacuated tubes' and while they work differently to the flat plate collectors, they still use direct and indirect solar radiation.

Heat pumps also take the heat from the sun, and are included as solar water heaters.  They do not have solar collectors, but take the heat from the air using the reverse principle to a fridge. This process transfers heat from the air to the hot water via an expansion and compression process.

As the sun does not shine 24 hours a day and 7 days per week all year, all solar water heating systems have an alternative fuel source as 'back-up'.  The most greenhouse-friendly options have gas as back-up, or electricity generated by Green Power (i.e. other renewable energy sources).  Back-up can also be provided if you have a woodstove or by electricity.

Info On Rebates:

Why Solar Hot Water?

So smart it pays for itself
Switching to solar hot water can save you a lot of money. Did you know electric hot water systems use more power than any other household appliance? On average they can account for between 35-40% of total electricity costs. Quite a sum when you consider the average Australian home spends $1500 a year on electricity.

There is a smarter alternative
Depending on your home's location and water consumption, an Solar Hot Water System has the potential to reduce water heating costs by up to 80%. Based on a family of four, that's an impressive saving of around $4000 over ten years!

Here's another incentive
The Federal Government offers a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) incentive to homes that convert to solar hot water.

The more energy efficient the system, the greater the incentive. If you install an Solar Hot Water System, you may be entitled to a REC incentive.

If all Victorian homes had a solar water heater, so far this year Victoria would have cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 1,717,610 tonnes... that's the equivalent of taking 660,000 cars off the road for the period since January 1 ... or 34.35 billion black balloons ... or 2.7% of Victoria's greenhouse gases from energy.

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The Photovoltaic Rebate
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