• Complete Electrical Wiring To Brand New Homes / Dwellings / Units.

  • Home Automation - Remote Touch Screen Control Panel Switching Lights Ceiling Fan , Audio /Video , Curtains , Big Screen Cinema Projection , Security gates etc.


The inverter converts variable D.C. power that comes from the string of solar panels into mains A.C. power and is supplied to you electrical switchboard and is grid connected.

  • Integrated DC load-disconnecting switch ESS
  • Electric separation
  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • Extended temperature range
  • Worldwide SMA service and SMA Serviceline
  • Comprehensive SMA warranty program

Solar Panel:
Solar panels convert the suns energy into electricity. Panels are mounted on your roof facing N, NE, NW, W, and angled between 0 and 38 Degrees.

System performance is affected by shade, direction and angle to the sun.

Supply Authority Meter
Your old electricity meter is not capable of measuring how much power you export back into the grid, a new electronic meter will be install to measure how much excess power you generate.

Accredited Solar Power Grid Connect Design & Install

The Photovoltaic Rebate
Program will now be Known as 
Solar Credits ."Homes, businesses and community organisations all over Australia  will be able to start installing renewable energy systems. 

Our commitment to providing environmentally friendly Energy Audits is the first step in
providing an energy efficient solution for your organisation.
Our professional team will meet with you to carry out the
following easy 2 step process: