• Complete Electrical Wiring To Brand New Homes / Dwellings / Units.

  • Home Automation - Remote Touch Screen Control Panel Switching Lights Ceiling Fan , Audio /Video , Curtains , Big Screen Cinema Projection , Security gates etc.

New Home Electrical Solution
  • Complete Electrical Wiring To Brand New Homes / Dwellings / Units .
  • Home Automation - Remote Touch Screen Control Panel Switching Lights Ceiling Fan , Audio /Video , Curtains , Big Screen Cinema Projection , Security gates etc.
  • Install Security System- Monitored - Camera and  Alarm
  • Event & Temporary Power Installations

Provide Complete Home Inspection before and after Building for Power Savings Method, Energy Efficiancy  - Energy Calculations -kWh usage, selection of lights and other high energy consuming appliances.

Telephone and Data Cabling - Phone & Internet
  • Power Supply For Air -Conditioning Units and Evaporative coolers
  • Swimming Pool Lighting and Control for Pumps
  • Gardens & feature lighting 
  • General lighting and power

Maintenance and Renovations
  • Upgrade Switchboards - Safety Switches ( Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers ) 
  • Upgrade Mains Supply for Higher Maximum Demand
  • Upgrade Main Earthing System
  • Change old Wiring and Cables to new standards
  • Install additional Power Points and lights
  • Home safety Inspection 
  • Install ceiling fans , Exhaust fan 
  • Run Mains supply for a/c units and coolers
  • Install sensor security lights
  • Install down lights - fire safety shield
  • Temporary wiring for functions and party
  • Outside Lights
  • Weatherproof Power Points

Split system Air conditioning
Digital TV Installs
  • If you suspect your wiring is outdated and needs repair, call a qualified electrician to perform the work. We DO NOT recommend that home-owners attempt to upgrade or repair their wiring themselves. Remember... wiring is not a hobby! Remember to have all electrical work inspected by a qualified electrician.

  • The Residual Current Device 'RCD' provides you and your family with almost instant protection from potentially fatal electrical shock caused by a ground fault in your electrical tools or appliances. A ground fault in a circuit, extension cord, tool or appliance permits electrical current to flow from the live wire to ground. A person can be seriously injured if he or she is in the path of the electrical current flowing to ground, for example while using an electric lawn mower with frayed cord in wet grass. Faults usually result from worn insulation, moisture, or deterioration in tools due to age or neglect.

Halogen Downlights – Safety Alert
Be safety conscious and install heat shield caps over Halogen downlights in your ceiling spaces. These caps will assist in preventing fires in your home from the intense heat of the Halogen lamps and light fixtures which can create a dangerous situation when installed close to cables, wood rafters, debris and so on that might collect in your ceiling over the years.

New Lighting Systems
LED lighting systems are the new kids on the block. In specific areas, LED systems offer long life, low electricity cost with low maintenance. They can provide a magnificent illumination impact and beautiful colours.

As a further example of what is happening with LED lighting technology, check out all the new LED traffic lights that are currently being installed Australia wide. It's all happening with LED Technology.

Accredited Solar Power Grid Connect Design & Install

The Photovoltaic Rebate
Program will now be Known as 
Solar Credits ."Homes, businesses and community organisations all over Australia  will be able to start installing renewable energy systems. 

Our commitment to providing environmentally friendly Energy Audits is the first step in
providing an energy efficient solution for your organisation.
Our professional team will meet with you to carry out the
following easy 2 step process: